Translation and Interpretation Services

Africa is a multilingual society. Thus, to effectively communicate and influence, there has to be an efficient use of any of the major official languages, depending on the targeted audience. As such, Envoy offers professional translation and interpretation services in any of the major official languages on the continent using trained linguists with experience in extensive usage of the languages. Our services span various products such:

  1. Advertising/Marketing Copywriting
  2. Translation (Technical, Legal, Financial, Cultural, etc.)
  3. Web Content
  4. E-mail Translation
  5. Voice-overs, Subtitling, Recording
  6. Interpreting (Tourists/visitors/Events)

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ENVOY Communications Ltd takes a 360-degree view of our client’s business to build a powerful and distinct communication program that resonates with the stakeholders who are critical to their success.

ENVOY adopts a “Multi-Focal Point Communication” method which uses a variety of PR tactics that communicate the right message to each of the target audiences. The emphasis is on meeting the clients’ objectives rather than JUST coverage. We take pride in mapping innovative Public Relations and Communications programs that focus on tangible business results.