Multimedia Production Services

The media can seem daunting to people who don’t know how it works. Few people know more about the media than the experts at Envoy, who have combined media experience in Rwanda and the region. We can promise you a fair go in the media – and nothing less. Our business is to identify your story and target it to the most appropriate area of the media. Thus, under this domain we offer the following services;

  1. Digital communications & Marketing solutions
  2. Copy development and production
  3. Printing of promotional, educational and communication materials; and General Printing
  1. Production of Magazines and Documentary films
  2. Production of Radio Spots and Jingles, TV Commercials/Advertisement
  3. Video and Audio Editing Services
  4. Field Coverage of Video and Audio Footage
  5. Script Writing, Voice Over and Editing
  6. Photography
  7. Website Designing, Content Development, Hosting and Maintenance 
  8. Media/Press Services: Writing Press releases, speeches, supplementary articles, press invitations & management.
  9. Fabrication of signages;
  10. Brand painting

Clients We Worked With

Why Choose Us?

ENVOY will not offer services it does not believe it can deliver better than anyone else in the marketplace. Because we believe PR and communications solutions are unlimited, we can source other services elsewhere, if required. For the media services that are not within our areas of best expertise, we use its contacts to acquire the best services at the best rates when other services are needed. The company focuses on its core skills of brand identity, events planning and management, multimedia relations, strategic advice, reputation management, copywriting, research, litigation communications, and communication crisis management.

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