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Your conferences, meetings and other various events are not reactive functions organized only to bring people together. At Envoy, we understand that they are projects, with clear objectives. With the team’s wide experience and connections, we are well positioned to manage your event projects with focus on ensuring they bring intended results. From identifying venues, mapping stakeholders, branding the venues creatively to communicate your events strongly, Envoy Communications will take the planning and management role so you and your teams can concentrate on the more important roles of networking and reaping the most from the events. 

In our event management docket, we also offer the following services;

  1. Selecting and reserving venues
  2. Coordinating outside vendors
  3. Engaging speakers or entertainment
  4. Managing event logistics
  5. Developing emergency contingency plans
  6. Crisis and situation management at the event
  7. Monitoring of the event
  8. Translation and interpretation services

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ENVOY Communications Ltd takes a 360-degree view of our client’s business to build a powerful and distinct communication program that resonates with the stakeholders who are critical to their success.

ENVOY adopts a “Multi-Focal Point Communication” method which uses a variety of PR tactics that communicate the right message to each of the target audiences. The emphasis is on meeting the clients’ objectives rather than JUST coverage. We take pride in mapping innovative Public Relations and Communications programs that focus on tangible business results.